Statement on Diversity, Inclusion and Respect

We understand that prejudice exists in Markham and in Canada. As an organization, Volunteer Markham focuses on inclusive action that will help educate and deepen awareness of unconscious bias, racism and discrimination of any kind.

At Volunteer Markham, we pledge to continue to listen, learn, and take action to promote equality and create a more inclusive future for all. Now is the time for change and action. Change does not come easily. However, together we can make a difference.

#Diversity #Respect #StopRacism

Celebrating Canada Day in Markham

Why are you a proud Canadian?

Happy Canada Day 2020! To celebrate the 153rd anniversary of Confederation, Volunteer Markham wants to know what makes you a proud to be Canadian. Below are some of our favourite stories collected from our community.

Councillor Alan Ho – Ward 6

Click to watch Councillor Ho’s Canada Day message.

“To me, being Canadian means Privilege. I am proud that as Canadians, we use the privileges we have to help others in need and be a voice for those who cannot speak.”

Councillor Jack Heath

Councillor Jack Heath

“I’m proud to be Canadian because of our natural landscape. From the mountains to the forests, from the lakes to the oceans, there’s nothing quite like it.

Here in Markham, we even have Rouge National Urban Park to explore. Happy Canada Day!

I hope you get to enjoy nature in your own backyard!”

Regional Councillor Joe Li

Regional Councillor Joe Li

“I am proud to be Canadian because multiculturalism is respected and celebrated in Canada, which allows me to host the 31st World Hakka Conference in our great City of Markham on October 8 to 10 in 2021 and welcome many Hakka Chinese from the globe to celebrate our Hakka culture with us.”

Mirja Raita, Volunteer Markham

“I have travelled and competed across the globe and have never felt more proud of my nationality than when I am asked where I am from.

Canadians are respected and admired from far and wide. I am proud to be Canadian as my home is a place of warmth and safety. #WeareallTeamCanada!”

Shamim Kassam, Volunteer Markham

“The things I love about Canada is the diversity of the population. I am also very thankful for the education provided to my children and enabling them to have successful careers. “

What About You?

What makes you proud to be Canadian this Canada Day? Share you own thoughts and stories in the comments below!