Volunteers at Volunteer Markham

The Value of One, The Power of Many!

The value of one person who desires to help another inspires others and has the power to create positive change!  Volunteer Markham is a small organization run largely through the efforts of many volunteers.  Learn a little more about why they do what they do.

Judy Zon, Board Chair“Volunteering has always been a part of my life, from helping out at my kids’ school, working with health charities to more formal volunteer work on non-profit boards.  I can’t imaging not volunteering because I know that volunteers contribute so much to our community.  Sometimes my volunteering efforts are small and time-limited and other times I have been part of large projects or long term efforts.  It doesn’t really matter because I know that without volunteers many things would not happen.  The obvious personal impact is the satisfaction I have from knowing that I am giving back, but I gain so much more.

My experiences in volunteering have provided me with the opportunity to expand my horizons, learn  new skills, be a leader and meet some awesome people.  Volunteering can be fun but sometimes it is hard work.  Overall, the rewards clearly outweigh the challenges.  I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer.”

Aakash Talreja, Marketing CommitteeVolunteering has always given me the opportunity to be part of a larger cause and think bigger than myself.  

I’ve always had a hard time making friends and volunteering continues to give me the opportunity to connect with like minded people from all walks of life and forge relationships worth a lifetime.”

Pooja Parmar, Change the World Youth Ambassador “I volunteer because I want to know that I am able to make a change in my community with my actions.  Every step I take leads to the making of something important.  I enjoy helping out within  my community to make it a better place.  Volunteering is something that is important to me because it brings me closer to my community!”